abuse of process

abuse of process
Process. The gist of an action for "abuse of process" is improper use or perversion of process after it has been issued. Publix Drug Co. v. Breyer Ice Cream Co., 347 Pa. 346, 32 A.2d 413, 415.
A malicious abuse of legal process occurs where the party employs it for some unlawful object, not the purpose which it is intended by the law to effect; in other words, a perversion of it. 500 West 174 St. v. Vasquez, 67 Misc.2d 993, 325 N.Y.S.2d 256, 258.
Thus, where the purpose of a prosecution for issuance of a check without funds was to collect a debt, the prosecution is an abuse of criminal process. Regular and legitimate use of process, although with a bad intention, is not a malicious "abuse of process." Priest v. Union Agency, 174 Tenn. 304, 125 S.W.2d 142, 143.
Action for "abuse of process" is distinguished from action for "malicious prosecution," in that action for abuse of process rests upon improper use of regularly issued process, while "malicious prosecution" has reference to wrong in issuance of process. Lobel v. Trade Bank of New York, 132 Misc. 643, 229 N.Y.S. 778, 781.
Fundamental elements of this tort are an ulterior purpose, and a willful act in the use of process not proper in the regular conduct of the proceeding. Barquis v. Merchants Collection Ass'n of Oakland, Inc., Cal., 7 C.3d 94, 101 CaLRptr. 745, 752, 496 P.2d 817.
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Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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